Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most common questions about products, orders, shipments, and payments.
1. Who is Hammond Raffetto Art?

We’re Mary Raffetto and Greg Hammond. We’re partners living in California, both with a keen appreciation for beauty in the world and in the eye. Mary is a designer, artist, gardener, and chef. Greg is a retired photographer. As we traveled together, we began sharing artwork created from our travels with friends and family who encouraged us to make it available to a wider audience. So, we did! You can learn more about us over content

2. Do you have a gallery or store where I can see your artwork in person?

Our gallery in Stockton was kindly provided to us by The Downtowner Restaurant. Unfortunately, that location is temporarily closed. We’re not sure if or when it will reopen. In the meantime, we are exploring other public display alternatives.

3. Where do you ship?

We ship only to the United States. This is not a limitation we especially like, but we’ve had so many problems with international shipments in the past, that we simply had to make this difficult choice. However, we are currently exploring the feasibility of expanding our market.

4. How long will it take to receive my order?

Our providers operate a variety of production centers around the world. Currently, shipping times range from 7-14 days. Please remember that our artwork is produced “on demand,” from pour original artwork. There is no stock sitting on shelves waiting to be shipped immediately. So it takes a few extra days to get your new artwork to you or your gift recipient. If you’re ij a hurry, digital gift cards are available here.

About The Artwork
5. What is "Accessible Fine Art™"?

We love crafting beautiful artwork and sharing it in as many ways as possible. It's great to put a large, custom printed triptych on a large wall, but not everyone has the space or budget for that sort of artwork. So, we decided to share our artwork in as many ways as possible so that our customers could enjoy it in their environment, their world, in the way that suits them best.

6. What is "Production on Demand"?

Our artwork prints and products are printed or produced "on demand"(POD). What does that mean? First, it’s not sitting on a shelf waiting to be shipped out on the next truck. Second, it’s printed or manufactured the way that you specified. Whether it’s a framed print with meticulous mat and frame choices or the size of a beach towel, it did not exist until you decided to make it yours. Third, depending on your choice, your selected artwork will be produced in one of our POD partners’ 15+ global production facilities  We never know which one, because their systems determine which capable facility can produce and ship the fastest. This is true of the smallest album-sized print, as well as the largest duvet cover. That means that it can be a few days before your artwork is on its way. But no fear! 99% of our artwork ships within 1-5 days. And our fulfillment system keeps you apprised at each step. The only exception to this is our custom-curated Your Private Museum™  artwork. Those pieces typically ship within 45 days.

7. What about custom printing?

Please reach out to us via theContact Formto inquire about custom printing that’s not available in the Gallery Shop. Most of our artwork is specifically sized and printed only in a format consistent with the artistic image, but we can work with you to achieve the vision you have for placement of our artwork in your environment.

8. Do you use AI to produce your artwork?

We use many tools to produce our artwork, but all are based on original photography by Greg and Mary. Many software tools like Topaz and Photoshop incorporate machine learning into their capabilities, and some incorporate the moniker “AI” into their product branding, but we do not use any artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT or Midjourney to produce the artwork on offer here. We’re not anti-AI; we think it can help humanity in a wide variety of endeavors, and it can be fun. But we are pro-human creativity, and we want to keep our artwork that way.

9. Why is your artwork so expensive?

Sure, you can buy everything from keyrings to towels to cheap posters on Amazon all day long. But every single thing we offer is based on a work of art that often took many trips and hours of attention to get to the final image that represents the artist’s vision. It’s entirely up to you whether there is a value in owning original artwork that is not mass-duplicated.

10. Can you tell me more about your Fine Art products?

Our wall display art other than posters is produced by Fine Art America and their global printing partners. Here is information about each of the types of prints. Remember that not each artwork is available;able in every medium or size.

Acrylic Wall Prints

Images are flatbed printed directly on .25” thick, optical grade acrylic backed with sleek aluminum. Acrylic wall prints are durable, water-resistant and easy to clean. Aluminum Wall float fixture included for sizes 8×10 and up.

Production Time: 5 Business Days

Acrylic Blocks

Images are flatbed printed directly on 1.125” thick, optical grade acrylic backed with subtle, metallic paper. Acrylic blocks are durable, water-resistant and easy to clean.

Production Time: 5 Business Days

Canvas Prints

Images are printed with archival inks on heavyweight canvas and stretched onto sturdy, 1.5” pine wood frames. Wrapped sides will be white.

Production Time: 4 Business Days

Framed Prints

Images are printed on satin paper then framed in .75” wide x 1.5” high black poplar wood frames behind regular glass and 3” white mat. Easy to hang fixture included.

Production Time: 14 Business Days

Giclee Fine Art Prints

Images printed on Low Texture Hahnemühle Bamboo 290, 100% archival fine art paper.

Production Time: 4 Business Days

Metal Prints

High-definition images are infused onto glossy white aluminum in square, rectangle or panoramic sizes. Metal prints are durable, water-resistant and easy to clean. Aluminum Wall float fixture included for sizes 8×10 and up.

Production Time: 4 Business Days

Standout Prints

Images are printed on luster finish photo paper, mounted onto 1.5” black board for a lightweight display lifted away from the wall and ready to hang.

Production Time: 4 Business Days

Wood Prints

Images are flatbed printed directly onto .75” Forest Stewardship Council certified natural wood that is both water and heat resistant. Ready to hang. Pedestal not included.

Production Time: 5 Business Days

11. Who are your fulfillment partners?

We use several partners for fulfillment of our shop orders: Fine Art America, Printful, Printify, and Gooten. Once you place your order, they are responsible for its fulfillment and shipping.

12. What about returns?

If you’re not happy, neither are we. Returns within 30 days of items in their original condition are handled by our printing & shipping partners. Once returned, we will refund the cost of the item plus taxes. Shipping charges are not refundable.

13. What is your Privacy Policy?

We are fully committed to your privacy and your control over that privacy. You can see our Privacy Policy here.

14. What is your Comment Policy?

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