Jacksonville Beach in Florida is a classic Atlantic Ocean beach with deep and broad, flat white sand beaches topped with short bluffs and dunes covered in sea oats and grasses. During the day and into the late night, locals and tourists fill bars and restaurants like the Pier Cantina & Sandbar near the famed Jax Beach Pier. Music plays loudly and kids of all ages run and play in the surf.

Long before dawn, when all the partiers have drifted off to the 24-hour diners, and the parking lot near the pier is almost empty, the fishermen and surfers begin to reappear. The tide beneath the pier is hushed, moving in swirls, submerging your feet, and painting the sand in the dark. Dawn light that is already brilliant hours away in Africa begins to bleach the sky. Pier struts rise out of the dark water and reach for the light beneath the moon. You're all alone with the light on the sand and water.  

Our latest artwork is a brilliant combination of deep blues and soft dawn colors. This is a bold image of panoramic proportions, and is available as a limited edition, ready-to-frame Radiant print of 84x42, and in several sizes of our Claritas acrylic block, including a wow size of 18x12. The title is from the medieval Latin for the color ultramarine, and means literally "beyond the sea."

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