Hammond Raffetto Art


Swimming with sharks. Yes, you’re swimming with sharks. You didn’t travel thousands of miles to sit on a deck or even a beach. Before you got in the water, you could already see them below, more clearly than on any TV show or YouTube vid. Even from above, the sheer mass of muscular fluidity is hypnotic, smooth and undulating. They never stop moving, their tails languidly propelling then through water that makes you weak and slow. But when you jump in, hundreds of pounds of shark disappear before you can even get righted. You stare through the water like glass of topaz and aquamarine. And then she is back, appearing from wherever you weren’t looking, circling, considering you, wondering about you. Knowing she is unlikely to attack doesn’t change how alive she makes you feel. The light from above dapples her gray and white, and then for just the time it took you to stop breathing, reflects her in the mirror of the surface.

$79 $99

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