Better Together

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Tropical waters are doubly beautiful for the colors above and below. The green of jungle shores and mountains, the piercing broll isn’t sky filled with impossibly towering billowing white clouds, the endless arrays of blue below. Sharks on the reefs and in the lagoons, even in groups, nevertheless seem solitary. following their own internal map, swimming slowly now and then flashing to investigate something. Never stopping, no pauses, just movement. In and out of sight, now here and then gone, above and below, each doing their own thing. But these two seemed to be of a mind this afternoon. When they took their leave, they left together,  not quite arm-in-arm, bur still together. 

A note about the media: As with all our artwork, we offer this piece in the medium or media we feel is best suited for its emotional connection. We generally find that most colors and details are most vividly conveyed through our Radiant finish. It's more brilliant and detailed than either acrylic or metal. We also offer this piece in Claritas, our acrylic block available in one or more of three sizes, depending on the art itself. It is ideally suited for the desktop, kitchen window, bathroom counter, or mantle.

Some of our larger pieces are also offered in polyptychs of different configurations on Fabrika, a museum quality cloth onto which color-matched inks are directly printed and bonded with a lustre finish for archival protection. 

Whether a limited edition, or open edition radiant print or a Claritas gift, none of our artwork is an off-the-shelf Amazon Prime® delivery item. From order to shipment is usually a 10-day process, each step of which you will be kept apprised.

Shipping is free within the continental United States on all art. First time print collectors also receive free global shipping. 

Otherwise, global shipping [outside the Continental US] is priced on a per piece basis.

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