Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by coronavirus and COVID-19. From loss of human life to disruption of communities, industries, businesses, and livelihoods, there are increasingly few who are not affected by the global pandemic. And while we think the panic in some parts of the world, especially our own country of the United States, is unnecessary, we do think that public and personal hygiene should be improved, and that people and businesses should make decisions and take appropriate steps to protect the health and welfare of themselves, their families, their colleagues, and communities.

We are a tiny business, but we know that our customers are affected by all these developments. Hammond Raffetto Art would like to reassure customers that we have taken additional precautions to ensure all material, prints, acrylic blocks, and packaging, whether received or shipped, is cleaned and sanitized. We have sought and received from our suppliers and printers statements of their steps to ensure that all material, products, and packaging involved in production of our artwork are cleaned and sanitized. No one in our team or family is known to have any indicative symptoms or to have been exposed to the virus. 

We’re being vigilant and maintaining a rigorous hand-washing protocol, and would encourage everyone to do their part to help prevent further spread of the virus. Hand sanitizer is also available throughout all sudio and home facilities, and we are committed to ensuring that our team and family have the resources they need to stay healthy.

We remain open for business of course. We’ll continue to produce new artwork and to fulfill all orders, confident that our facilities, practices and artwork are all safe. We do expect order fulfillment to be delayed anywhere from 7-21 days depending on whether it is produced in the United States or overseas.

We thank you for your continued support and hope everyone is able to resume their normal lives shortly.  

Hammond Raffetto Art will continue to monitor the situation relating to COVID-19, taking guidance from the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization, and evolving our health and safety practices as more information becomes available.