Greg: I have enjoyed photography as a hobby all my life, but only became serious about it in 2017 after attending my first professional workshop with Gary Hart. Gary opened my eyes to significant sources of creative frustration in my photography. That led to another workshop with Alain & Natalie Briot; with Alain, I learned to see my photography as one part of a larger toolkit of artistic expression. Additional workshops with Vieri Bottazini, Gary, Don Smith, Pierre Steenberg, and Henning de Beer, and again with Gary, Don, Alain, and Natalie, have made me aware of what I have been seeking in my art for what is now decades.

As I developed that sense of expression, I learned to explore places and times that could reveal a sense of serenity, a way to invite the viewer to experience the moments in a place as I felt them. Both light and a sense of time are critical elements of this sense of serenity. Whether one has watched a sunrise over a mist-shrouded bridge, or the emerging light over a French Polynesian reef shore, the fade of twilight over a mountain lake, all these experiences tend to move our everyday cares and worries to the sidelines as we experience the awesome grandeur in which we live and breathe. The art here is about helping us and you relive those timeful moments every day.

I love traveling to interesting places—as much as possible with my partner, Mary Raffetto, an accomplished artist and photographer in her own right. Mary and I compose many pieces together, often revisiting a scene numerous times before settling on a composition. We also partner with accomplished photographer John Kincaid, who has an uncanny knack for connecting people emotionally to the world he photographs.

If you have any questions about our art, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks for being here.

Greg and Mary in Bora Bora
Mary: I began my work as an artist and designer at a very young age. And throughout my career, I have focused my visual energies on assembling elements of harmony, and I think it's one of the reasons that Greg and I make images so well together. I spec’d all of the paint, stucco, and roof tile color schemes for a major homebuilder for all of their California subdivisions, worked in interior design for model homes, and spent many years doing seasonal commercial and residential decorating and staging. Much of my training and experience has focused on the harmonious integration of differing scapes, human and natural. In a world which seems increasingly hectic, Hammond Raffetto Art brings extraordinary beauty and serenity to any space.