These Boots Are Made For Death Valley

I previously reviewed the experience of getting fitted for Tecnica’s custom-fitted Forge GTX boots. This past week, I gave them a pretty good workout in Death Valley, and they were superb. Fairly lightweight, but more than capable of handling a 40-pound photo equipment load. When I say “fairly lightweight,” I mean they feel like you are wearing ordinary running shoes. Mine are the synthetic outers, which I specifically chose for resistance to things like salt. Glad I did. Death Valley serves up lots of salt. 

Mind you, these are not extreme cold weather boots. I’ve worn them at Mono Lake in the winter, and without some sort of additional heat in the boot, they won’t keep you warm enough (I had to find out, though). And that’s to be expected, because the boot is made of materials for lighter weight, not extreme insulation. But all that means is that this is a three-season boot. And it is the perfect three-season boot. Why? Because they only move when you do, and as far as you do. There is no slippage in the heel, flopping around, or rubbing pressure points. The boot confirms to your foot, making you, your sock, and the boot feel like one integrated component. This is how it is supposed to work. I’ve worn this boot up to 14 hours, and was in no rush to take it off. It laced on quickly, though it is snug to get in and out. 

if you need a pair of quality hiking boots that should last you for years, check them out. Your feet will love you for it. 

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