The Phase One XT

I wrote about the release of the Phase One XT almost three years ago. I was struck at the time by its blend of old and new. I still am. Phase bills it as “the world’s only purpose-built camera dedicated to landscape photography.” It sure feels like it.

I recently decided to consolidate my equipment to a more manageable and useful inventory, starting with the top end. I traded in all my Phase XF camera and lens kit, along with my Cambo and Rodenstock and Schneider lenses—except for the IQ4 back itself—for the new XT and Rodenstock X-Shutter 23mm and 32mm lenses [and came out ahead in the bargain]. I couldn’t be happier. The integration by Phase of the Cambo-manufactured camera with the IQ4 and the Rodenstock lenses is simply superb.

For an in-depth review of what makes this equipment so special, please take a look at my friend and workshop instructor Vieri Bottazzini’s review.

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