Stop & Watch the Flying Fish

This morning following my main shooting, as I was scouting for tomorrow in a shallow but large tidal pool, I heard a splashing commotion in the water just behind me. I turned and saw a school of flying fish taking off and skittering across the water. I know they are common in the South Pacific, but here they were within inches of me flying across the the water. They flew under the helipad bridge and on out to the ocean. In the sunrise light shimmering off the water, it was a stunning sight. And I have no pictures. Because I was actually in the moment watching them and enjoying the experience. Instead of staring at an LCD screen or through a viewfinder. And so I did more of that, noticing the dozens of sea urchins, the various huge cucumbers and worms, the other fish, including brilliant damsels and pseudochromis. Photographers miss too much by trying to capture it. This is hardly a new observation, but it is a realization and awareness each of us has to experience, learn, and work against individually.

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