"Sometimes, you just gotta say WTF!"

 I made my second Horseshoe Bend trip of the day yesterday. I was hoping to catch some nice evening light, perhaps even reflected in the Colorado River. Earlier in the day, the light was a bit bright, but still nice for snapshots:

Unfortunately, the wind had increased even more at dusk, and the 30+mph winds and all that red sand made for terrible shooting conditions, especially if one wants to work deliberately. I spent most of the time huddled over my rig with a dust jacket and lens hood protecting it, jacket, glasses, bandana, and hat trying to shield my face from the sandstorm. Miserable. When I got back to the car, I looked like a wind-burned raccoon. I spent over an hour cleaning the equipment when I got back to the hotel [NB: compressed air is a lifesaver]. Though my pack was zipped except to get the equipment out, it had almost a cup of sand in it. It was one of may more miserable outdoor experiences. Still, while I wouldn't print this or hang it anywhere, I was able to get one shot that hints at the light. Cambo 1600 | Trichro Back | Rodenstock 23mm | f/13 | .5s | ISO 35

The walk down the trail to the overlook had seemed more promising:

But these shafts of light disappeared as the sun went down. And there were sparse but subtly beautiful underlit clouds, though no dramatic sunset. But the wind and the sand made this nearly a fool's errand. Sometimes you just gotta say . . .. And take what nature gives, or settle for what it doesn't.

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