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On June 9, 2019, I fly out to New Zealand for a workshop with Gary Hart and Don Smith, two of my favorite teachers [the image above is Gary's]. I have never been to NZ before, but like most, have heard it is even more spectacular than we see in photos or even Lord of the Rings.

Naturally, I hope to bring back lots of wonderful images to share, though neither the light nor the weather is ever guaranteed. We'll visit glaciers, fjords, and of course, the famous Wanaka tree. I find the fascination with this tree very, well, fascinating (a sentiment that our lead flight attendant shared with me in whisper). We have trees growing in the middle of ponds and lakes all around us here in California, though perhaps without the stunning background of Wanaka. With any luck, I hope to do the tree, and the rest of NZ I see, justice.

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  • Thank you Diane! This is a fun, and somewhat unexpected journey.

    Greg Hammond on

  • I’m so impressed and proud of where you’ve taken your art!!!

    Diane Berry on

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