London Models Brave Haleakala

That was the joking caption I always gave this photo. Allie and Brie were freezing their butts off at the top of Haleakala that morning. It was cold—could not have been more than 28F at dawn—and very windy. A far cry from the 80F overnight down at the hotel. Somehow, to me, in this image, they looked like Brit models caught off guard in an unpleasant environment. Haleakala is a very compelling place, but for most, once is enough. I have been fortunate to visit several times. None of those visits was warm, but some were decidedly colder than others. My favorite times were with Mary and with the girls. The most fun was probably the time Barron and I rode bicycles down the side of the mountain [not with a group of folks dressed up like nuclear plant workers, and for the most part, not on the road]. And the most serene time was when I went up near midnight shortly after my best friend's death, and had the entire mountain and all of the Milky Way to myself.

In the mornings, the sunrise has never disappointed, though I cannot say the same of my pictures. Focus, focus, focus. Not just on what one is doing, but make sure the damn lens is focused correctly! It's a lesson in the ROI photographic economics of returning to a place over and over again. Even if the scene is largely the same, you will learn to see it, to photograph it, in different ways.

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