Keep Your Knives Sharp

Keeping your tools up to date and in good working order is an important habit for any craftsperson. When it comes to software, if you rest on your success, someone else is bound to race by you. I've written before about one of my favorite tools, The Photographer's Ephemeris, or TPE. Today, Stephen and Allison released a significant enhancement to TPE—what3words integration.

If you don't know what w3w is, you're probably not alone. It is one of the more elegant examples of disambiguation in compact form I have ever seen. What3words divides the earth up into 3m x 3m squares, and then assigns each square a random combination of three words to mark its location. That's 57 x1012 squares. And that's a bunch. But using a fixed algorithm for "translation" means that the map of the entire Earth can easily be carried around on portable devices and available without an internet connection. If you've ever been photographing out away from it all, this is invaluable. If you want too know more about what3words, check out the wiki.

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