Crampon, Crampoff!

Seriously, if you're going to Iceland or anywhere else it might be snowy or icy, you need a good set of crampons. Not the "lash-them-to-your-body-Edmund-Hillary-style-so-you-can-hang-upside-down-like-Luke-Skywalker-in-The-Empire-Strikes-Back" good, but good enough to keep you stable in snow and rocks and ice. If you go up on Fox Glacier in New Zealand, they make you use theirs, and they are the aforementioned industrial strength style. And they're great. But if you are in and out of the car in Iceland, or in the Sierras or the Catskills, you need a ready set that you can pop on and off easily and that will, trust me, maybe save your life.

I read recommendations for the Kahtoola brand, and for low cost, I was recommended the Yaktrax brand. But it seems these might have become victim to outsourcing QC problems. Anyway, when I did my research, I came across the Hillsound brand. They were recommended over both, and they actually cost less than the Kahtoola. They were superb in Iceland, and I won't head to the cold any more without them. There is a Pro version, with deeper spikes, but I doubt you'll need it. I recommend the red version—available on Amazon here—as it's easier to see them and see that they are fitted correctly on dark-soled boots.

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