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We've got several projects in the works that are pretty exciting for us. In addition to quite a few new pieces from places like Iceland, Hawaii, Africa, and New Zealand, we are also working on some new product categories. These include:

1. Calendars. We get lots of requests for calendars, and we love photo calendars. I've got one hanging at my desk that my daughter Chelsey assembles every year. But calendars are not a great business case for a tiny studio/gallery like ours. So, we are exploring making low-res image downloads available in packages for a small fee which our guests could purchase and then use for making items like calendars. or coffee mugs. Or whatever suits their fancy. See the image at the top of this article? That's an extremely lo-res JPEG of our popular Furnace artwork. What we would make available for download would look a boatload better than that—large enough and crisp enough to make calendars, mugs watch faces, or phone wallpapers.

2. Photo Books. I've always been a sucker for photo books. We're working on a robust coffee table-style book right now. The problem with this sort of book is that it has the images in it we want you to see. But you may have your own ideas for what you would like to flip through. So, we are also exploring whether we can offer a Build-A-Book service.

3. Wearables & Lifestyle Products. Mary is hard at work on designs for everything from sarongs to pillows to bags. We're waiting on our first product sample right now from these images:

Hammond Raffetto Art Sarong Image

Batibou Beach Dominica

Fingers crossed.

If you think any of these ideas has merit, please sound off in the comments below. Thanks!

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