Cold Weather Camera Operation & Gloves That Work

It's not easy working camera controls in the cold. I often give up on gloves and mittens, and simply use my bare hands. But when the wind chill is well below zero, and you are otherwise just standing around fighting to stay warm, exposing your bare hands is not a smart idea. While in Iceland, I had multiple glove systems, including shells and liners, by well-known brands like Mountain Hardwear, Cortazu, Helly Hansen, and Marmot, and some individual pieces including Merino wool liners. By the fifth day of our workshop, I had settled on one system, and it is now the only one I will travel with or recommend: the Austrian-made Heat 3. It is the only system where the flaps that fold back on the thumb and finger sections of the mittens are securely magnetized to stay open, but flip back closed instantly. The touch-sensitive fingertips on the liners actually work. Similar to the shells, the flip back thumb and forefinger of the liners actually stay pout until you are ready to re-coveer your fingertips. When I first received these, I looked a bit askance at all the little round magnetic elements. But they work. They aren't cheap, but they are worth every penny. Both the gloves and shells have tiny sleeves to hold hand warmer packets. Those things work, too. Don't go into the cold without either.

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