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Mary and I took our second trip to Italy this past October, this time to Positano. Another special time. Of course, it helps to be traveling with a wonderful partner; being in love in a romantic place like that is just magical. We visited Capri twice, and on the second visit, arranged to venture out to the Faraglioni on a private boat. Not only is Capri worth every second you can spend there, but so is a boat tour around the island. You don't have to get your own; there are plenty of large and small group rentals available, But the purpose of this post is not to extoll the virtues of Capri. Instead, it's to echo the advice I have recently read more than once about editorial review of your images, especially pictures from trips where you had lots of fun: get some time between you and your trip, so that the emotions you attach to the trip don't affect your editorial process as much. Yes, if a picture inspires all sorts of warm fuzzies, it may be a good candidate for sharing—but only if your image conveys those emotions. Conversely, you may discover, as I did with the picture above, that images you disregarded when you first saw them on screen, are actually worth resurrecting. For me, in this case, the silhouette of brooding Capri to the right, the sunstar through the Faraglioni arch, the buttery ripples on the ocean lit by a fading sky truly make me want to be there with Mary again. I hope it speaks something to you as well.

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