Aurora Claritas

The Northern Lights over Vestrahorn, Iceland. This is the full breadth of the aurora, captured as it arced over Vestrahorn, with the tides in front of the mountain providing the mirror to reflect peaks, snow, and borealis. We're working with a new acrylic block printer that is able to print to to non-standard sizes on acrylic block with a special finish for the color inks that preserves vibrancy detail, and that three-dimensional pop. This print block won't fit in our custom presentation cases, but we're thinking that folks will forgive us that shortcoming. For now, please know the web does not do this justice; the reflections of the aurora in electric greens and blues on the snow and water are just magical. If you're interested, just let us know. And in case you're wondering, we expect pricing to come in around $225.

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