In 2019, shortly after the birth of my first grandson, my son-in-law Griffin and I set out to make some images around the Empire State Plaza in Albany, NY. Although there is a grimness to some of the architecture, there is also whimsy in The Egg, and I enjoy this place's sense of audacity. In the early morning hours, it can also have a serenity, between the reflecting pool and dawn sky. The buildings themselves are imposing, either a tribute to human aspiration or a diminution of the individual, depending on one's persuasions I suppose. I've read both cases made.

We went to the Plaza three times, hoping to get some good color either in the evening or morning. Rain and cloudy skies were a bit of a disappointment the first two times, but the third time was the charm. Sunrise did not disappoint. I shot with the Hasselblad X1D and a Nikkor 19mm PC lens that allowed me to do some easy shifting and made the vertical pano stitch of the Corning Tower you see here possible.

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